Prather Ranch SF Ferry Building

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One of the very few certified humane ranches in California, Prather Ranch is a  sustainable, organic meat company with a philosophy of “a deep understanding of the importance of low stress cattle handling, responsible stewardship of the land and a desire to provide a stable and satisfying life for those who work on the ranch.” Doug Stonebreaker and Steve McCarthy  asked us to design the expansion of their popular retail meat shop, Prather Ranch Meat Co. in the SF Ferry Building. Their corner, double sized, storefront space includes an expanded meat counter,  an old-fashioned hot dog cart , and a full commercial kitchen. The wood is sourced from their own Bella Vista Ranch, from an 1800’s barn, complete with bullet and woodpecker holes.  The custom light fixtures are wrapped with vintage “diamond point” barbed wire, also from the ranch.

Project Details

PHOTOGRAPHER: Eurydice Thomas
MILLWORKER: Arnold and Egan
CUSTOM LIGHTING: Photosynthesis
LIGHTING DESIGN: Illuminosa Lighting
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For design geeks, you may be interested in learn that most of the wood used in building the new storefront comes from an 1880’s barn on Prather’s Bella Vista ranch.
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