Lee Street Apartments

Oakland apartment building remodeled for a new generation

This project transformed an out-of-date and under-performing apartment building from a dull presence on the street to a vibrant, modern building that now garners top rents.

The project included a major façade renovation, which strengthened poorly supported cantilevered decks, while adding visual interest with metal clad towers, translucent shade structures as building “caps”, and new balcony railings. The entry sequence was thoroughly updated to create a more welcoming experience that includes an enlarged pedestrian awning, new walkway, and new garden with drought-tolerant plantings.

In addition to the exterior rehabilitation, all of the units and interior common areas were remodeled with a modern sensibility in mind. The kitchens were opened up for better connection to living areas, all of the cabinetry and finishes replaced, and new lighting provided. The common areas were enhanced with modern conveniences (electronic package concierge and dog washing room) and vibrant palette of colors and patterns.