Ensenada Avenue

A warm modern kitchen remodel erases 1950's plastics

The kitchen of this 1928 bungalow had been remodeled in the 1950’s leaving the new owners in a sea of boomerang-patterned Formica, laminate flooring and aluminum windows. In addition, the space was cut off from the rest of the house by a wall of cabinets.

The remodel was approached with three objectives: open the kitchen up to the adjacent dining / living room, update the aesthetics to create a contemporary, warm space, and keep it affordable. To meet these goals, simple and warm Douglas fir cabinets were used for primary storage, concrete countertops were installed by the owners, and a new bamboo floor and wood windows were added. The space is enhanced with the addition of heavy fir beams, a paint-grade corner “hutch”, vivid light fixtures, and fir open shelving with brushed steel braces.

Project Details

ADDRESS: Berkeley, CA