How DOES the high tech Sound System at Comal really work?

Many folks have asked us to explain the  proprietary and innovative, dynamically controlled sound system from Meyer Sound, called “Constellation”, first  installed at Comal Restaurant.

From Berkeley-based Meyer Sound: This unprecedented ability to dynamically control the sonic ambience of the space has garnered the attention of publications like San Francisco Chronicle and Fast Company. With a touch on an iPad screen, Comal’s management can maintain the desired level of energized “buzz” throughout the space while still allowing intimate conversations, all regardless of occupancy levels. Constellation picks up a room’s ambient sound and, after applying a patented algorithm, regenerates an enhanced wash of sound throughout the space at the optimum levels. Three presets, adjustable via an iPad, are provided to adjust for changing occupancy levels. The restaurant can also heighten the “buzz” around the bar and lower it for the guests in the dining areas.

Meyer Sound created a short video describing the system in detail. Owners John Paluska, GM Andrew Hoffman  and Studio KDA’s Marites Abueg appear as well!