Soma Eats

A modern cafe and bottle shop in the heart of downtown read more...

When Shirley and Oussama came to us with their idea for an upscale retail wine and spirit shop for the corporate set, and  a daytime cafe, delicious lunch venue, and night-time wine bar, we said “Sure! Why not?”. The 2500 SF had soaring ceilings, existing brick and a prime location in the financial district, but how does a single space do it all? Lighting has to go from day to night, the cafe/lunch/wine bar crowd can’t discourage the beer/wine shopping and the retail lighting (and wall of refrigerators) can’t distract from the communal feeling of diners.

We started by making distinct zones with shopping on one side and eating on the other. Next we created a focal point with a 60′ long copper topped bar and order counter. Aquamarine, modern arabesque tile by local manufacturer “Fireclay” faced the length of the die wall and custom pendants  and sconces by Metro Lighting punctuate the bar. The owner’s Middle-eastern roots influenced the menu, materials, and aesthetic, all balanced with a modern SF feel.