Fit GlenFit

A hyper-local community Fitness & Yoga Studio for Glen Park read more...

FitGlenFit is a local, family-owned fitness studio based in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco. Owners Jean and Dean Eriksen have created a self-service, neighborhood based collection of private fitness studios. We designed FitGlenFit (and their forthcoming FitSunsetFit) as San Francisco’s first green fitness centers while their associated Sunporch Yoga Studio is San Francisco’s first green yoga studio, certified by the San Francisco Green Business Program. 

We designed a colorful, warm, and friendly space to align with their “Peaceful Gym & Studio” policy which promotes a respectful and community-based mindful workout experience.

The studio’s sustainable design features reclaimed and recycled building materials including bamboo flooring, rubber flooring made from recycled athletic shoes (Nike grind), reclaimed cardboard lamp shades, repurposed bathroom tiles and reclaimed barn doors. The studio is 100% solar powered and more than 75% of the cardio equipment is either battery or user powered.